What is the OV-chipcard?

OV is the abbreviation for Openbaar Vervoer, which is the Dutch for public transport. When you travel by bus, metro or train you can use an OV-chipcard for your travels.These cards have a chip in them that is read by a card reader. The card is loaded with cash and when you travel from your departure station you check in (inchecken) and when you arrive at your destination you check out (uitchecken). The price of your journey is then debuted from your card.

In buses the check in reader is usually on the bus beside the door or driver and at the train station the check in reader can be either a free standing pole at the entrance of the station or a reader is attached to the barrier gates.

There are three types of OV chip cards that allow you to travel on the public transport system in Holland:

· Disposable chipcards (point to point tickets)

· Anonymous chipcards

· Personal chipcards

See the above links for more information on where you can use/buy your chipcard.