Something I never came across in any other country except for the Netherlands is the flessenlikker - it sure sounds weird but it translates literally as a bottle licker. It is also known as a flessenschraper which means bottle scraper.

Essentially it is a little flexible spatula with a long plastic handle.

The bottle scraper (known as both a flessenschraper (bottle scraper) and flessenlikker (bottle licker) in Dutch) is a Dutch kitchen tool similar to a small spatula.

The flessenlikker is essentially a kitchen tool for scraping the last of the contents out of the bottle. Those thrifty  Dutch engineered themselves out of the problem they historically had which was ' how to get the last of the fla from the bottle - well with a flessenlikker of course! Although according to my sources it may not be a Dutch invention but the flessenlikker sure did find a home here in Holland

Back in the day the much loved diary desert called fla came in bottles and this implement was used to get the precious contents from the end of the bottle.  Spoons and spatulas were no good given the long neck of the bottle. These days Fla comes in cartons making the flessenlikker redundant for this purpose however it is quite handy for those nutella or peanut butter jars.......