Paper Timetables

I know and hear from a lot of people out there that they would like to have a paper format of the timetables. The main train company here in Holland (NS) stopped making these some time ago, however they are still available and sell about 5000 copies per year here in Holland. 

Spoorboekje 2016 
Last week the 2016 version was published. If anyone wants I can send a copy if  find one left in the stores.  It costs €10 and I can send one on for €15 + P&P if I can find one.  

It is a proper book so it would cost a bit to post it abroad - as an alternative is just as easy to plan your trip with the online planners such as and the NS travel planners. This will be the topic of my next blog entry so keep an eye out for that! 

Alternatively you can keep an eye out for it when you arrive in The Netherlands yourself - it can be found at the AKO or Bruna book stores. 

Happy Planning and Happy travels